ICT Coalition Forum 27 November 2013

On Wednesday 27 November, at Google’s offices in Brussels, the ICT Coalition hosted its second Forum of 2013, with an audience of both industry and civil society attendees.

In the morning, a number of the ICTC members presented new developments in their child online protection services or products (these presentations can be found on the [link] section of the website). The afternoon saw INSAFE, and then jointly ITU and UNICEF, deliver presentations on their respective initiatives. The day was concluded with Dr. Brian O’Neill, from the Centre for Social and Educational Research, Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. 

Dr. Brian O’Neill, was appointed by the ICTC as the “Honest Broker” to carry out the first implementation review process of the ICT Coalition Principles. He presented the milestones for the delivery of his report as part of his presentation

  • Each member has already presented its individual commitments, which are available on the ICTC website.

  • Each member is currently reporting back on how these commitments have been implemented. The individual reports will be published on the ICTC website as they become available. 

  • The Honest Broker will assess the members’ reports and compare them with the initial commitments.

  • As all the reports will be publicly available, all interested parties are welcome to contact Dr O’Neill to share any comments and queries they may have.

  • Local child safety organisations may also be contacted by Dr O’Neill to gather opinions as part of the exercise.

  • The final report will be presented to the next Forum which will take place in Spring 2014.

All participants have been invited to send their comments and ideas on emerging trends and topics to identify possible key topics for the ICTC to investigate in the next year.

Below you will find some of the presentations made during the day.

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