ICT Coalition Forum 15 April 2014

On Tuesday 15 April 2014, at GSMA’s offices in Brussels, the ICT Coalition hosted its first Stakeholder Forum of 2014. The day, attended by civil society, industry and European Commission, saw a series of presentations (available below) by civil society and a preliminary glance at the first report on the implementation of the ICT Principles.

Dr Brian O’Neill, in presenting his report, highlighted some of the key findings.


ICT Principles:

• Contributed to greater child online safety.

• Represent good industry practice by companies that take safety and online child protection seriously.

• Demonstrate commitment to cooperate on an industry wide basis.

• Enhanced access, parental controls, report abuse mechanisms, privacy protection and education through implementation of ICT Principles.

• Act as a foundation for future development.

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INHOPE Presentation_SJM_ICT Coalition

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Pat Manson ICT Coalition Brussels 15 April 2014

EU Kids Online NCGM 110414

TBM 2014 Partnership Proposal


Annual Report presentation IWF